Wednesday, December 28, 2011

spaced out

cat eyes are starting to feel a little passé, aren't they? i thought so. on that note, i give you the alien eye. i think they scream "pretty weird, but in the know". at least that's what i heard when i found this pair in the bottom of the sunglass basket at the thrift store the other day. one of my other new favorites: the senso acacia pony that i got during the great solestruck crisis of '11. perhaps you recall. back sometime around cyber monday, there was a 50% off sale, and the gigantic flock of people trying to purchase shoes for the bargain price of a lifetime caused the entire site to crash. luckily, my old fashioned sensibilities kicked in immediately and i remembered the telephone. apparently hundreds, or maybe thousands of other shoe enthusiasts were also able to recall a time when one placed orders over the telly, and the phone lines were going crazy as well. i was, however, able to get ahold of a guy named ty, who despite the chaos managed to make all of my shoe dreams come true. last but not least, there's an oldie but goodie involved in this here outfit. i'm talkin about the red and white stripe-y, crop top-y little number up top. every time i wear it, i realize all over again that it's one of my favorite vintage pieces, and that it's versatile as shit. i picked it up from myla over at the huntress a couple of years ago at a neighborhood vintage market type thing. i highly recommend you check out her blog and vintage shop. she's knows how to pick em.

wool evan piconé midi skirt, thrifted. shirt, the huntress. shoes, senso. sunglasses, thrifted. vintage perry ellis cross body bag, thrifted. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

florida christmas

i guess i thought that somehow christmas eve would magically bring the cold, even though it didn't dip below 70 all week long..... nope. even these tights were unnecessary, but barelegged and sleeveless just seemed a little blasphemous. besides, i think they lend an elfish feel to the whole thing. merry christmas!

vintage blouse, celine (thrifted). shorts, really old urban outfitters pants that i cut. marigold tights, target. bobo docs, walmart. camisole, from who knows where.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

pieces of pleather

while digging through my coat closet, i discovered this gem of a sweater, whose existence i had somehow forgotten. once i found it, though, i remembered that's it's one of the best things in the history of sweaters. happy happy happy reunion! this baby is super saggy, but the bottom is nice and fitted, (super rare in the world of thrifted sweaters) with a little bit of an asymmetry. i can't decide if the best part is the sweet little pleather triangles, or the giant, disproportionately long sleeves. oh yea and i almost forgot... snakeskin nails. dig it.


skirt, thrifted. pleather panel mini skirt, zara. tights, (pink tights over purple ones) target. shoes, f21. clutch, thrifted. rings, thrifted. nails, sally hansen

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

black and white and sheer all over

yep, it's still warm. warm, then cool, then cold-ish, then really warm, then moderately warm etc etc etccc. don't think that the wonky weather has drained me of my desire for a little layering during the winter months, though. what's a girl to do? here's what i came up with: make sure at least half the fabric on your bod is super hole-y and easily penetrated by winds. i managed to pile on a leotard, mini skirt, maxi skirt, and shirt using this method. ta da.

leotard, thrifted. mini skirt, zara. maxi skirt, i cut the tags out and i can't remember! fringe-y shirt, h&m. harrison wedges, jeffrey campbell. clutch, thrifted. bracelets and rings, thrifted

Monday, December 12, 2011


i went to a really swell christmas party on saturday night, and decided last minute to go fancy boyish in lieu of a party dress. also, trying to slick down my half grown out bangs led to a mass of bobby pins, which i enjoyed greatly. happy holidays!

trousers, thrifted. blouse, thrifted. blazer, zara. tie, thrifted. shoes, charlotte russe. clutch, thrifted.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

the heights

just when you think winter is here (the florida version of winter, anyway), spring decides to pop back in (but just for like, 2 more days). you'd think i'd be used to it since i'm a native floridian, but it never ceases to amaze. however, no amount of unseasonal warmth was going to stop me from wearing this excellent leather pencil skirt i thrifted. what a find. real leather in flawless condition, and it fits like a dream. the intense below the waist coverage demanded something practically nonexistent up top, and there you have it... the perfect get-up for a nice dinner out on a lovely december evening in florida.... where it's 80 degrees outside... in december. 

skirt, thrifted. sheer camisole, thrifted. black bandeau bra, american apparel. necklace, thrifited. buttercup heels, f21.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

repeal day!

this past monday marked the 73rd anniversary of the repeal of prohibition! to celebrate, on sunday evening, the left coast bar guild threw the second annual repeal day party at the don vicente in ybor. i attended last year's party, and it was a ball, but this year was out of this world (party of the year, tampa?). the don vicente was pretty much turned into a funhouse for cocktail and liquor enthusiasts. everyone was dressed up in their swankiest vintage/vintage inspired pieces, so people watching, and most of all picking my dress, were half the fun. three cheers for the 21st amendment, and fancy old dresses! the photo part of this post is lengthier than usual, since it includes photos of other people's fantastic outfits, and not just mine ; )

darrell as the evil villain.

greg as the ambitious young prospector from out west.

my darling, josh, as the (ex) expatriate.

and then there's me.

dress, la france

Saturday, December 3, 2011

zip it

i didn't realize until i uploaded these photos that i was wearing black, red and yellow plaid in my last post,  too. i guess i'm in a bit of a "prep school meets whatever else i'm feeling" mood lately. in other news, i re- discovered these zippery bottom jeans buried deep inside my closet, and am re- in love with them just days before mother nature makes wearing socks mandatory for a few months. BUMMER.

everything i'm wearing, thrifted.