Tuesday, December 6, 2011

repeal day!

this past monday marked the 73rd anniversary of the repeal of prohibition! to celebrate, on sunday evening, the left coast bar guild threw the second annual repeal day party at the don vicente in ybor. i attended last year's party, and it was a ball, but this year was out of this world (party of the year, tampa?). the don vicente was pretty much turned into a funhouse for cocktail and liquor enthusiasts. everyone was dressed up in their swankiest vintage/vintage inspired pieces, so people watching, and most of all picking my dress, were half the fun. three cheers for the 21st amendment, and fancy old dresses! the photo part of this post is lengthier than usual, since it includes photos of other people's fantastic outfits, and not just mine ; )

darrell as the evil villain.

greg as the ambitious young prospector from out west.

my darling, josh, as the (ex) expatriate.

and then there's me.

dress, la france


  1. jamie, this is pretty freakin' amazing! you look beautiful in the dress! the men look really dapper and greg looks like he just walked out of a taping of boardwalk empire :)

  2. really really nice!!!! good job!