Thursday, December 8, 2011

the heights

just when you think winter is here (the florida version of winter, anyway), spring decides to pop back in (but just for like, 2 more days). you'd think i'd be used to it since i'm a native floridian, but it never ceases to amaze. however, no amount of unseasonal warmth was going to stop me from wearing this excellent leather pencil skirt i thrifted. what a find. real leather in flawless condition, and it fits like a dream. the intense below the waist coverage demanded something practically nonexistent up top, and there you have it... the perfect get-up for a nice dinner out on a lovely december evening in florida.... where it's 80 degrees outside... in december. 

skirt, thrifted. sheer camisole, thrifted. black bandeau bra, american apparel. necklace, thrifited. buttercup heels, f21.