Friday, June 22, 2012

road trippin

i'm off to holden beach, nc for a week! i'll be internetless for the next 7 days, but i promise to return with lots of photos and hopefully some new treasures, too. time to hit the highway and conquer this 12 hour drive!

tshirt, thrifted and diy-ed. pleated schoolgirl's skirt, thrifted. shoes, chuck taylor. vintage watch, gift. rings, h&m.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


how'd you end up down in tampa, old harley shirt? who brought you on a 1400 mile journey south and then gave you away? an old biker lady who found jesus and gave up her wild, harley'in ways? maybe someone brought you to their aunt cheryl as a souvenir from wichita when they came to visit her in florida. only she found the purple lightning bolts tacky and got rid of it as soon as her tasteless nephew went back home. i think you're perfect, old shirt, and whoever gave you up was a fool.

harley tank, thrifted. shorts, vintage levi's, thrifted. "coonskin" hat, features costume. necklaces, thrifted. red stretchy belt, thrifted. lace up ankle boots, thrifted.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

birthday suit

what i turned 26 in:

strapless peplum top, zara. pleather panel mini skirt, zara. vintage wedges, misred outiftters. hat, thrifted. clutch, thrifted. bracelets, gifted.

Monday, June 11, 2012

insta tiki

last night i attended the second annual sunset tiki party, put on by the left coast bartender's guild. this year's party was at postcard inn on st pete beach, and like all of the events put on by the guild, was a hell of a great time. there was so much fun having and rum drinking, in fact, that i didn't manage to get a single shot with an actual camera. luckily, we took oodles of instagrams, and i thought it would be fun to do a little post with a some of them. follow me over in instagram world, too, if you like! @jamiemarie333
my love and i in our tiki party best!

me, my darrell, and our pineapples : )))

this guy wasn't playing.
vintage maxine's of hollywood swimsuit, thrifted. wedges, misred outfitters.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


y'all already know about my affinity for wearing nightgowns as dresses. let's delve a bit deeper into that world, into a sub genre of my obsession: muumuu's. anyone who knows anything knows that muumuu's come in the most amazing prints of all time. take for instance this egyptian-y one. problem is.. they're super large and lengthy, for the most part. solution: cut, cut, cut them into baby muumuu's. the end. and i lived happily ever after. with mini muumuu's.

egyptian muumuu, thrifted and diy'ed mini muumuu style. jewelery, thrifted. shoes, misred outfitters.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


hello, long lost friends. i've missed you! my poor, sweet boyfriend, who is the official photographer of all of my style endeavors, has been suffering from a bad case of vertigo. needless to say, he's been in no shape to operate a camera, or even walk straight, for that matter. i've been playing nurse, so i haven't had much of an occasion to dress up, anyway. i did do a bit of thrifting while josh was laying around recovering, though, and i have lots of new treasures to show you in the near future. below are a couple of my aforementioned finds...

pink striped blouse, thrifted. bright pink tennis skirt, thrifted. shoes, sense. clutch, thrifted. sunglasses, thrifted. jewelry, thrifted/gifted.