Monday, January 30, 2012

witchy woman

on my last thrift i hit the hat jackpot! along with the one below, i found a big, floppy, prairie chic gem made of the most perfectly worn brown leather. i woke up today in a western-y witch doctor kind of mood, so i figured it was the perfect day to try out hat # 1. in love.

leotard, american apparel. wool midi skirt, thrifted. sheer cape, thrifted. hat, thrifted. shoes, senso. sunglasses, thrifted. silver cuff bracelets, h&m.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

queen of hearts

best thrift find of the week: this shirt right here! big queen of hearts playing cards on a cropped silk button up! i've been subconsciously searching for this piece forever. 

queen of hearts blouse, thrifted. vintage levi's cutoff shorts, thrifted. shoes, chuck taylor. silver and "onyx" cuff, f21.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


dana gave me this super bitchin updo while we were at work yesterday. it felt very funky peasant chic to me, which is a look i quite enjoy. instead of breaking out something maxi dress-ish and bell sleeve-y as i originally planned, this happened.

jacket, zara. bodysuit, american apparel, striped blouse, the huntress. marigold tights, target.  shoes, sense. silver cuff bracelets, h&m.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

gin and bones

too many french 75's last night. owww. borrowed these tights from darrell at the start of the evening to keep from catching cold, and didn't manage to change out of them until 4pm today. having tea and going to bed at a granny-like hour is in progress now.

sweater, urban outfitters, (p)leather shorts, f21. skeletal tights, darrell's (from wal-mart during halloween time! can you believe?). boboboots, wal-mart. clutch, thrifted. pyrite ring,  my own little universe. sunnies, urban outfitters. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

warm things

in my last post i was wandering around in a crop top, and next thing you know i'm in wool pants and fur. i swear that mother nature is the crazy one, and not me. josh and i stopped in ybor tonight after work for a big cuban feast. i'm all tuckered out from a busy week, but there'll be no rest for the weary. tomorrow is going to be a fun but looong day, and a warm, comforting supper was just what i needed to help me wind down and unthaw. this jacket helped to keep things cozy, as well. it's the warmest thing i own! it was a wedding present to my mom from my dad in 1980 when they got married. she gave it to me a few years back, so i'm especially fond of it. the color makes it dreamy all by itself, but the mixture of suede, rabbit fur (eeeek!) and the bomber shape  makes it triply good looking. ps - i don't ever buy fur, but this was a hand me down!!!!! <----- feeling guilty? (blame mom! wait, no, dad.)

wool trousers, thrifted. creme button up, thrifted. jacket, my mama. clutch, thrifted. mary roks wedges, jeffrey campbell. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

back roads

got distracted while shopping for a bonsai tree in the middle of nowhere, and ended up doing a little trespassing. crop top and a/c in full effect today. if this is winter, i'm scared to see summer.

vintage bongo crop top, thrifted. jeans, cheap monday. coon skin, features costume. boots, walmart.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

the mirror

the last day of our brief little cold front. channeling margarita terekhova.

wool sweater dress, thrifted. raspberry coat, thrifted. marigold tights, target. ugland wedges, aldo. leopard pill box hat, thrifted.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

cold front

it seems that florida finally (and probably temporarily) got the winter memo. the downside of this is that the super sudden temperature change has given me a terrible cold. the upside? before the sore throat set in i got the chance to prance around town in my winter clothes for a day! i haven't been able to wear this coat since last winter, and it'd been bumming me out every time i opened my closet and got a glimpse of the fabric. it's one of the most precious pieces of clothing i'll ever own. my great grandma matherly bought it in the early 60's. she died when i was 4, and it was passed down to my grandma, who gave it to me as a christmas gift 2 years ago. besides the fact that it's just plain beautiful and in nearly perfect shape after more than 50 years, this thing has incredible sentimental value to me. i love picturing my great grandma wearing it back in the 60's, with some funky glasses and her hair all done up. hopefully someday i'll have someone who loves vintage as much as i do to pass it down to!

coat, passed down from my great grandma. t-shirt, zara. jeans, h&m. mary roks wedges, jeffrey campbell. sunglasses, thrifted skeleton key ring, gift from my brother.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

the new year

i had a beautiful new year's eve last night, but i'm terribly sore for it today! my brain feels quite sluggish and writing decently is difficult, so i'll get straight to it. my party suit: on friday i found this vintage majorette's dress over at LaFrance, and fell deeply in love. i thought the color was just perfect for a celebration. plus, it ended up clashing rather dreamily with the acacia ponies that have been glued to my feet for the past week. my favorite parts of this outfit, though, are the rings that i'm wearing. one was my grandma's and the other was my great grandma's. the very best vintage is the kind that gets passed down to you! happy new year, darlings!!!

dress, lafrance. shoes, senso.  birthstones ring, passed down to me by my granny. opal flower ring, passed down from my great-granny.