Thursday, September 27, 2012


all of last weekend was spent wallowing in the righteousness that is autumn. my house is filled with the scent of cinnamon broom, and there are skeletons, black cats, cackling witches and cobwebs galore. not to mention the fact that my fireplace has been turned into the spookiest haunted graveyard! the massively awesome decorations that now fill my home, plus all of the pumpkin beer that i've consumed have made me one happy camper. if you weren't able to tell from my gushing, i like fall... A LOT. once i get into the spirit, i want everything around me to be a part of it. enter this amazing little vintage dress... i was over at pink cheetah vintage the other day when i saw it hanging on the wall, and it was love at first sight. everything about it is perfect for right this moment. the cut reminds me of a vintage cheerleading dress, and that alone was enough to charm my pants off, but on top of it, the fabric is so spot on and adorable as hell. wearing it makes me feel like a candy corn.. no, a super hip witch from 1977.. no, a stylish scarecrow.....? no, all three at once! CAUSE IT'S HALLOWEEN TIME, Y'ALL, and that means the whole world is covered in gobs of magic, anything is possible, and everything tastes like pumpkin spice. the end.

dress, pink cheetah vintage. boots, thrifted. gold cuff necklace, thrifted.

Monday, September 24, 2012

the aquarium

i got really excited when i saw this shirt on the rack, and i think it's because i might have had almost the exact same one in 7th grade. ahhh, nostalgia. also, my obsession with clear shoes continues on with this little pair. found them at a thrift store and almost had a happiness heart attack. these days it's extraordinarily hard to find a clear heel that isn't 7 inches tall with a goldfish or dollar bills hangin out inside the platform. i lucked out with my discovery, as these are very cinderella, and slightly reminiscent of the  d'orsay, even, which i've spent many a day pining over.

thrifted EVERYTHING! except the sunglasses, which are from urban outfitters.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

in the jungle

styling these overwhelmingly awesome jungle print trousers for pink cheetah vintage gave me the perfect opportunity to put to good use this slightly ridiculous in the best way possible tiger tank top. i kinda want to wear this outfit every day... it's got exotic animals mid pounce, and exotic ferns covered in glitter, and that's enough for me.

jungle print trousers, pink cheetah vintage. tiger tank, thrifted. shoes, zara. silver cuff necklace, urban outiftters. clutch, thrifted. rings, thrifted.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


a sweet friend picked up this sassy little fruit suit while thrifting, and thought of me when she found that it was too short for her long torso. it turns out that having a short torso often comes in handy when it comes to vintage one pieces fitting well, so.. thanks, mother nature? i wanted to make sure i got to wear my wonderful, fruity gift while it's still super hot out, and so i wasted no time throwing it on under some black high rise denim for a little daytime adventurin'. as i was giving my outfit a final once over in the mirror, i realized that i reminded myself of someone. for a few minutes i couldn't place the resemblance, and then it hit me: my granny! i have albums full of family photos from the 50's, 60's and 70's that i like to look through all the time, and in almost all of the photo's of my granny from back then, she's in her backyard. she could be picking loquats from her tree, or watering her garden, chasing her kids around or just sunbathing, but she always looked effortlessly glamorous. she'd usually be wearing a little bustier top of some sort, or a bodysuit kinda like this one, (survival of the chic in the florida heat) tight, high waist jeans or shorts, cat eye glasses, and have a cigarette in hand or in her mouth. she loved to look cool. she used to spoil me rotten when i was younger, and buy me all the outfits and shoes i wanted, (toys were of little interest to me, i wanted the pretty things!) until my little kid closet was almost overflowing. since she passed away when i was 13, she never got to see my grown up style in person. i think she'd be proud if she could.

vintage fruity swimsuit, a gift from andrea, black high rise denim, cheap monday. yellow heels, f21. sunglasses, target. watch, granny's.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


one of the sweetest parts of blogging/vintage loving is having the opportunity to connect with other guys and gals who are just as obsessed with vintage as i am, and i was super excited when becky from pink cheetah vintage asked me to style some pieces from her collection. aside from her web store, she also sells vintage out of her boutique inside of seminole heights antiques, and from her etsy shop! her collection of one of a kind vintage is unique and eclectic, with lots of bright, groovy 70's print pieces, and rad dresses from the 90's. pop by her facebook page for updates! on a side note, how badass are these earrings?! my friend dana made them by hand for me, and i'm madly, madly in love. they seem very egyptian revival to me, and anything reminiscent of that era makes my heart pound..

dress, pink cheetah vintage. red shorts and black bandeau, american apparel. marigold crushed velvet vest, thrifted. boots, thrifted. necklaces, thrifted. silver cuff bracelets, h&m. earrings, handmade by dana harding.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

dot dot dot

i decided to break out my vintage chloé for a little house party action this past weekend. i never wear this blouse, because it's very white and i'm very clumsy, and the thought of soiling it terrifies me. oddly enough, on the two occasions that i've worked up the courage to take it out on the town, i've been going somewhere that involves a high probability of soilage..  the first time was on a lunch date to the laughing cat buffet, which involves gobs and gobs of meatballs and marinara and all things stain-y. this weekend was just as questionable of a choice on when to wear my beloved shirt, since house parties always entail throngs of people bumping into each other and spilling drinks, as well as shots, kegs and other big, messy risks. miraculously, chloé survived without so much as a drop of whiskey or a smear of cigarette ash soiling her perfect, ivory exterior. hoorah!

vintage chloé blouse, thrifted. polka dot shorts, target. boots, thrifted. rings and watch, thrifted. silver cuff necklace, urban outfitters. ponytail cuff, actually a bracelet : )))

Saturday, September 1, 2012


i found this amazing butterfly suit at the thrift store last week and decided to wear it out the next day... had to take it off after about 4 hours, since i discovered that wearing it causes crazy town to play in a constant loop inside of my brain.

2 piece butterfly suit, thrifted. red vintage loredo's, thrifted. black velvet choker, diy-ed.