Tuesday, February 28, 2012

she devil

one of the fruits of my thrift labor this weekend: this gorgeous tasmanian devil on tie dye. isn't he charming?

taz tshirt, thrifted. denim cutoffs, thrifted/diy. outback hat, thrifted. shoes, chuck taylor.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

sugar and spice

i got a pleasant surprise a couple of weeks ago when the sweet people at SUGARLIPS asked me to style their Lace Findings Dress. i'm almost always a sucker for delicate, crocheted pieces; and this one is especially intricate and bewitching. it immediately conjures up images of frolicking barefoot through a field of daisies, hot summer days, and free love. naturally, my first instinct was to pair it with combat boots and a crown of dead flowers. i happened to have both on hand, since my boyfriend surprised me with this handmade black floral crown a few days prior. i'm one lucky girl..

dress, SUGARLIPS. leotard(underneath), thrifted. combat boots, walmart. bracelets, thrifted. floral crown, made for me by my darling.


Monday, February 20, 2012


i found this shirt in the bottom of a suitcase that i thought was empty, and have been wearing it for like 4 days straight now. i think i stole it from my brother's closet in 10th or 11th grade, then proceeded to cut and pin it so it would fit me perfectly (and fit him nevermore) . besides having reunions with long lost shirts, i've been applying spikes to things randomly. i have a plethora of them that have been lying around in my toolbox, and i figured it's time to put some of them to good use. whenever i spy something old that i've been bored with lately, i spike-ify it, and it's like new again. what fun. before i sign off to go on a thrift-a-thon of epic proportions, allow me to direct your attention to the right hand side of this here blog. you may or may not have noticed the flashy new advertisements for my pals UNESTABLISH and VESTIGE BY MISS M over there. if you have not, give them a little clickity and check them out? i wouldn't steer you wrong, dudes.

shirt, my brother's closet. skirt, thrift gift from myla. shoes, f21/diy spike by me. silver cuff bracelets, h&m. necklaces, thrifted. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


this past tuesday i had the pleasure of doing a shoot with the huntress. we went to a really cool back yard space here in seminole heights, and she shot me in some of the pieces from her jewelery line, vestige by miss m. she's been churning out all sorts of gorgeous new stuff lately, and i highly suggest you take a gander into her etsy shop! here's a little piece of tuesday's action:

sheer blouse, thrifted. sheer robe, thrifted. hat, thrifted. all jewelery, vestige by miss m.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Fair

off to eat deep fried everything, and foods on sticks!

cream button up, thrifted. jeans, cheap monday. ringmaster's jacket, thrifted. shoes, chuck taylor.

Friday, February 10, 2012

deja vu

707 again! i've been in a very the great gatsby/egyptian revival/golden twenties kind of mood since i saw "the artist" last weekend. this vintage fur collar and i have been spending lots of time together as a result. also, i was inspired to dig out some of my old hats and turbans, and remembered that i like wearing stuff on my head much better when i have short hair!

midi dress, thrifted. fur collar, thrifted. turban, thrifted. shoes, f21.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

white rabbit

i've been waiting for a warm, dewy day to set the perfect mood for wearing this dress, and it finally came. i stumbled upon this baby at the thrift store a couple months back, and nearly lost my cool from excitement. apart from being charming as hell in general, it's handmade. i have an inkling that whoever created this might have been a big alice in wonderland enthusiast. what do you think?

alice dress, thrifted. shoes, senso.

Friday, February 3, 2012

stud muffin

i've been slowly adding studs to this pair of vintage levi's for like... a month. finally decided this was just the right amount. i need some sort of finger guard for studding, all the prong pressing makes for a sore index, hence the very gradual progress. oh yea, and i cut off my hair. all of it! 

vintage levi's, thrifted/diy. cream button up blouse, thrifted.