Wednesday, December 14, 2011

black and white and sheer all over

yep, it's still warm. warm, then cool, then cold-ish, then really warm, then moderately warm etc etc etccc. don't think that the wonky weather has drained me of my desire for a little layering during the winter months, though. what's a girl to do? here's what i came up with: make sure at least half the fabric on your bod is super hole-y and easily penetrated by winds. i managed to pile on a leotard, mini skirt, maxi skirt, and shirt using this method. ta da.

leotard, thrifted. mini skirt, zara. maxi skirt, i cut the tags out and i can't remember! fringe-y shirt, h&m. harrison wedges, jeffrey campbell. clutch, thrifted. bracelets and rings, thrifted


  1. I live in Portland so I've been doing a lot of cold weather layering lately! Love that top.

  2. just doesn't feel like christmas is near, eh?

    the 2 patterns within your top and your skirt really mesh well together!

  3. as a native floridienne you're probably used to it, however i feel like i'm in the twilight zone. not asking for a blizzard or anything but a mini cold front for chirstmas sake i wouldn't mind.

    beautiful photos!

  4. I usually dont like a lot of patterns mixed but I see what you did there. really cool outfit I'd like to wear on a walk to the park!

  5. I loveee ur style, love the lace over lace! the pic with the tree is so stunning! <3