Tuesday, August 28, 2012

hurricane season

a few weeks ago i stumbled across this thing, the most bizarre and splendid thrift find of my entire thrifting career. when i saw it hanging there on the rack in all it's multi colored, giant bat winged splendor, i experienced almost every emotion humanly possible in the span of 60 seconds. first, a sense of urgency rose up from within me, i could tell that this was something special and super weird, and that i needed it desperately, so i yanked it down to claim it as mine and explore the mounds of seemingly unnecessary fabric. next, confusion... what the hell was this thing? when it's on a hanger instead of a body, and the wing portion is slack, it appears as if it's been made for someone who's a size 4, but with the hips of a 500 pound person. shortly after finding a tag that said "made in nigeria for kokomama", i finally got my treasure arranged in a way that allowed me to appreciate it for what it actually is: a hand made tie dyed nigerian princess bat suit. that leads us to my next emotion, JOY. just massive amounts of joy at having had the luck to find something so completely radical. after reading all this, you're probably saying, "great! but for what occasion is a hand made tie dyed nigerian princess bat suit appropriate"? the answer is, to a hurricane. hurricane isaac, to be precise. this baby just happens to look great against black clouds, and gusts of wind really maximize the size of it's wingspan. it was worth the danger of getting struck by lightning and stuff to venture out and see it whipping around in all it's glory. i quite enjoyed the amazed and appalled stares it attracted at dinner, too. 

hand made nigerian bat suit, thrifted. wedges, missed outfitters. rings, thrifted. crescent moon necklace, thrifted.  stone bracelet, gift. silver rope bracelet, forever 21. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

seeing red

i want, no, need everything in the world in red.

red vintage trousers, thrifted. black tank, urban outfitters. yellow court shoe, f21. vintage furla bag, thrifted. watch, thrifted. silver cuff necklace, urban outfitters.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

92 summer olympics

just really, really, really obsessed with these red leather boots and my daisy choker.

vintage olympics t, thrifted. "leather" shorts, h&m. studded belt, thrifted. vintage red leather loredo's, thrifted. leather backpack purse, thrifted. rings, thrifted. daisy choker, diy-ed.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

puss in boots

a funny thing happened the other night as i was drifting off to sleep. i'd just finished the september issue of harper's bazaar, and was slowly making my way toward dreamland. visions of ox blood coats and book clutches were dancing in my head when, suddenly, i pictured a pair of thigh high leather boots that laced up the back in the most glorious midieval warrior meets indian princess meets biker mama way possible. i sat up with a jolt as i realized that the pair of shoes i was fantasizing about were no fantasy, but a real life possesion that lie in hiding somewhere within my apartment. the next 20 minutes were spent searching under the bed, through the depths of the linen closet, in the bottom of suitcases... and finally i found them, my long forgotten treasure at the very bottom of (who would have thought) the shoe trunk. how i managed to put these babies away one day and then forget about them for a couple of years is kind of a mystery to me. i have an inkling that it had something to do with me coming out of a super hippie phase and rejecting all things even remotely native american inspired for a short while. whatever the case, i'm just glad we're back together in time for autumn!

vintage color block dress, thrifted. vintage leather lace up boots, thrifted. bangles, thrifted. daisy choker, diy-ed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

rot n roll

i acquired this gem of a t-shirt at the flea market this past weekend! choosing between this design and the bald eagle biker one was not easy.

skeleton rocker tee, big top flea market! ancient lace skirt, forever 21. vintage red leather loredo boots, thrifted. silver vertebrae choker, flea market. bracelets, gifted and f21. turquoise knuckle ring, h&m.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

luna market!

there's a new web shop in town and i'm super stoked on it! luna market is the brainchild of my good friend, myla, who has been collecting and selling vintage since way back. she also has a super badass line of handcrafted jewelry, vestige by miss m, that she creates using vintage/natural/dead stock materials. when she told me that she had a website of her own in the works, i knew it was destined to be filled with a plethora of unique and bewitching pieces, and, naturally, i was right. she asked me to play mannequin for some of her vintage items, and, lucky for you, i restrained myself buying half of her merchandise before it even hit the invisible internet shelf. i did score this sickeningly lovely fringed sleeve crop top, though! go check out the rest at www.shoplunamarket.com!

top, luna market. floral gaucho pants, thrifted. to be announced wedges, solestruck.  rose lennon glasses, thrifted. rings, vintage hand me downs/estate sale scores.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the chains of love

after months of internet window drooling, the very fancy leg chain from the chains of love is mine to hang upon my limbs! i have a loose plan to wear this thing underneath/on top of every article of clothing in the world. i'm even more enamored of it than i thought possible, because it goes perfectly with everything, i mean evvverything i've attempted to combine it with.. ratty daisy dukes and tennis shoes, sweet little hi-lo dresses, a leather miniskirt. i'm telling you, this leg chains is the most versatile accessory in the world, maybe the universe. now all i need is the rib cage ring

very fancy leg chain, the chains of love. vintage levi's cutoffs, thrifted. striped blouse, thrifted. red leather belt, thrifted. choker, thrifted. shoes, vans ski hi's. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

urban exploration

josh and i discovered this neat abandoned spot while wandering around the city this past weekend.

trousers, thrifted. fuchsia tank, thrifted. saddle oxfords, payless. vintage furla bag, thrifted. watch, thrifted. gold cuff necklace, thrifted.