Tuesday, November 27, 2012

just not (over) you at (all)

the past few weeks have been pretty damn chilly down here in florida, and i've been having tons of fun layering like crazy and thrifting for cozy pieces. despite my enthusiasm toward the chill, i kept having a little stab of regret every time i saw these overalls in my closet... why didn't i wear them more this past summer?? i mean, they really are so perfect. they have just enough crotch sag to make them look nice and diaper-y when they're cuffed, and the shade of denim is delightfully obscure... not too dark, not too light. i'd sigh each time i passed them by and tell myself, "you can wear them in the spring"! just as i was repeating to myself the old "patience is a virtue" bit, florida returned to it's true meteorologically fickle nature, and gave us a warm snap. fast as a lightning bolt, i dashed to the closet and snatched these bad boys out for one last romp around town. waiting to wear them again will be so much more bearable now that i was able to give them a proper sendoff! 

vintage bill blass overalls, thrifted. houndstooth blouse, thrifted.  boots, thrifted. cate eye glasses,  squaresville. weird looking thumb, band aid.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

givin' thanks

thanksgiving outfit requirements:

1. dots and stripes to confuse the eye, and draw the attention away from that food baby you'll be sporting after dinner.

2. tights and a sweet little skirt to show everyone what a nice young lady you've become. extra points if your tights are the color of a live turkey's legs.

3. a leather jacket and chuck taylors. cause you're not that nice of a young lady. 

turkey leg colored tights, target. polka dot skirt, urban outfitters. striped shirt, h&m. leather jacket, thrifted. chuck taylors.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

army of one

why do army pants have butt circles?

army pants, thrifted. grey t, sara. snick wedges, solestruck. leather backpack purse, thrifted.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

boyfriend('s) jeans

on taking the boyfriend jean trend in a literal direction: give me one good reason why i should be expected to buy a pair of my own, when josh has a perfectly wide selection of them for me to choose from. sure, his are a slight slouchier fit, but the extra schlump is nothing that a good belt and a pair of bondage-y heels can't balance out.

levi's, my boyfriend's. white t, zara. jacket, thrifted. shoes, pink cheetah vintage.

Monday, November 12, 2012

dirty pop

remember when i was 13 and none of my bedroom wall was visible, cause j.t.'s face was covering every inch of it?

nsync celebrity tour t, thrifted. rainbow striped dress, thrifted. blazer, thrifted. girls sk8 hi, vans. watch, thrifted. vintage cuff bracelet, a gift.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

royal greaser

every year it pains me to say goodbye to halloween time, and that's why i waited a whole week to do my all hallow's eve blog post! it's also makes a good excuse for why i haven't taken any of my spooky decorations down yet, right? anyway, we lucked out this year, cause one of my favorite bands, black moth super rainbow played a halloween show in ybor!! despite all the people who mistook me for sandy from grease, (seriously, y'all?) i had an amazing time. i'm pretty sure josh made the most spot on powder of all time, too. if i didn't suck so bad as a photographer, there'd be more photos of his costume, but, alas.... i do. it turns out i managed to get only one photo of him that was entirely in focus, eeek. happy super late halloween!

black high waist denim, cheap monday. leotard, american apparel. vintage leather jacket, thrifted. patent heels, zara. velvet choker, diy. vintage ring, given to me by my great granny. wig, features costume.

Friday, November 2, 2012

you're a poet and you didn't even know it

i love articles of clothing that make me feel like a character.

everything i'm wearing is thrifted, except for my watch, which was passed on to me by my granny. red notebook,  moleskine.