Tuesday, July 31, 2012

clear as day

i made my first attempt at dip dyeing with this top, and it turned out super dreamy! the dye that i used was actually black, but the knit fabric decided it would rather be purple, i guess? i'm glad it had a mind of it's own, cause i love it just the way it turned out. in other news, i'm super obsessed with clear things as of late. it started with a fixation on these magnificent babies.... which, clearly, (har har har) i can't afford; and then veered off into a less specific need to own all things see through. 

top, thrifted then dyed, denim levi's cut offs, thrifted. sandals, h&m. belt, thrifted. leather back pack, thrifted. clear glasses, thrifted. silver cuff necklace, urban outfitters. half moon necklace, thrifted. knuckle rings, h&m. silver band, thrifted. silver and onyx cuff bracelet, f21. vintage watch, a sweet gift from my tia.

Friday, July 27, 2012

trés bone

what multi talented pals i have! one of my besties, darrell, screen printed this beaut of an oversized tank for me, and i've been absolutely living in it. magnificent, no?

trés bone tank, darrell washburn. sleeveless military button up, thrifted. bobo boots, walmart. leather back pack, thrifted. vintage watch, a gift from my tia. choker, some random piece of fabric from a tshirt i cut up. rings, h&m.

Monday, July 23, 2012

i scream

i got this shirt at one of the best little ice cream shops this side of the mason dixon: fantasy isle ice cream and putt putt in holden beach. the place is what dreams (mine, at least) are made of. it's an adorable little white cottage that's covered in white christmas light, with white wrought iron patio sets. they make out of this world pistachio milkshakes, and there's a putt putt course around back that's full of weird and wonderful little statues. when i walked in and saw this t-shirt hangin on the wall, i haaaaaad to have one. the only sizes they had left, though, were really large. that was fine with me, since pretty much all of my thrift t-shirts start out huge, and then get cut into all sorts of tanks, fishtails, or crop tops. the lady who was in charge of the shirt area, however, was NOT having it. she tried about 22 times to steer me toward a smaller shirt with a different logo, or a hat, or a keychain. she was completely aghast that a little thing like me would want to buy such a huge top. she finally stated that the ONLY way the shirt could possibly work for me, was if i planned to use it as a night gown. that, i agreed, was actually what i planned to do, and finally she allowed me to pay her my $15 and get my damn "messy but worth it" shirt. hey t-shirt lady, look at me now! not slumbering! ; )

tshirt, fantasy isle. shorts, american apparel. jacket, forever 21. shoes, vans. necklace, urban outfitters. bracelets, thrifted/my grandma's vintage watch. rings, thrifted. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

tropical gloom

i've been wearing lots of vintage hawaiian print pieces lately... super into it right now for some reason. i'm liking it best paired with black things, 'specially leather!

vintage hawaiian button up, thrifted for my boyfriend then borrowed from his closet.  (p)leather shorts, forever 21. cat eyes, target. clutch, thrifted. bracelets, gifted/thrifted. onyx ring, the beach mart in holden beach, silver ring, h&m. shoes, (practically) vintage forever 21 ; )

Sunday, July 15, 2012

super sunday

hello, sunday! today is the first day of my weekend, and so far it's been spot on. we started things off with soul food sunday, and then did a little traipsing around ybor city for coffee and visits to la france. now that it's raining like cats and dogs, i've settled in at home and am getting my crafting station set up for a diy project involving a lot of studs, a little spray paint, and one vintage leather fanny pack. on a side note, i've decided that van's sk8 hi's are the most chic. ever.

vintage strpied bow tie, thrifted. sleeveless denim button up, thrifted. vintage banana republic travel and safari clothing trousers, thrifted. vintage furla bag, thrifted. hi tops, van's.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


ahhh summertime in florida. since i got back from the carolinas i've been using most of my spare time to cut every normal t-shirt i own into a crop top, and eat strawberry popsicles. as i mentioned a couple of posts back, my return from vacation land was made a little less painful last week by the arrival of a certain pair of shoes.. basically, will and i have been inseparable ever since i opened his package. i waited a long time for this shoe to be on my foot, and it was beyonnnnd worth it. see, i spotted will a few months back on solestruck, and was super enamored of the green pair immediately. this shoe manages to combine drill sergeant, dominatrix, and summertime sweetheart, which turned out to be a combination that made me completely wild with desire. i drooled over these things forever, until the day i saw them on sale for $49.95 during solestruck's 8th anniversary sale. after i managed to scare the shit out of my dog with the animalistic sound that came out of my mouth upon this discovery, i threw them into my cart lightning fast, and the rest is history. I LOVE YOU, SOLESTUCK! I LOVE YOU, WILL!

brightest safari skirt, thrifted, crop top, bought as a tshirt from sara & cut into a crop top. to be announced will wedges, solestruck. bracelets, gifts. necklace, urban outfitters. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


i love you, holden beach.


cropped halter, from some head shop in boone, nc. denim shorts, thrifted. necklaces, thrifted. rings, from h&m and the beach mart. sunglasses, urban outfitters.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

gingham by the sea

home sweet home! vacation was dreamy.. lots of sun baths, splashing in the sea, visits to psychedelic dollhouses villages and ice cream cones. as promised, my trip was well documented, so there'll be lots of beach posts coming up. though i love getting away, i love my home endlessly, and it's sweet to be back here. besides, i returned to a new pair of shoes on my doorstep, which helped to soften the blow of vacation's end!

esther williams swimsuit, dillinger pin up. sunglasses, target.