Saturday, December 29, 2012


for christmas i got the petite harness from zana bayne leather, and i've worn it every day since. my new dressing ritual goes something like this: choose slouchy outfit, throw it on, pick a pair of shoes, put em on, look in the mirror and feel pretty satisfied with my slouchy look, put on harness and become giddy over the level of refinement now present within all the slouch. i'm really not quite sure how i found any outfit satisfying without my harness... it just makes everything i wear look 72 times better, and i'm wearing it backward here! versatile as shit. on a side note, my natural nails have grown into perfect pointy talons, as a result i have developed a manicure obsession. stay tuned.

big saggy striped top, thrifted. corduroy trousers, zara. safari jacket, thrifted. petite harness, zana bayne. tennis shoes, new balance. studded box clutch, forever 21. poison ring, etsy.

Monday, December 24, 2012

the goose hollar : part 3

one tree hill.

vintage circle skirt, thrifted. striped top, h&m. vintage velvet trench coat, thrifted. fur collar, thrifted.  marigold tights, target. boots, thrifted. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the goose hollar : part 2

hay is for horses.

red maxi skirt, thrifted. flannel, thrifted. sweater, thrifted. leather jacket, ages old f21. soft bow head warmer, target.

Friday, December 14, 2012

the goose hollar : part 1

just wandering through the christmas tree farm on a cold winter's day.

vintage paisley dress, thrifted. striped pants, h&m. vintage suede and fur bomber jacket, handed down from my mom. shoes, chuck taylor. beanie, h&m.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

leavin on a jet plane

i'm slightly delirious from a mixture of exhaustion and the remnants of a bad cold, but nevertheless i'm headed to the mountains to see my grandparents at the crack of dawn! i'm afraid my lack of brain function combined with my eagerness to get a bit of sleep will make it impossible for me to say anything of any importance, so i'll just say this instead: here's me in front of this cool red church door wearing some some clothes and a leather fanny pack that i meant to cover entirely in red studs, but only ever managed to put one....single....little....stud on. i kind of like it. it's dramatic. you know, less is more. that one red stud seems really important since it's all alone. anyway, i'll be without the internet while i'm at my grandparent's for the next 4 days, but i'll return with gobs of gorgeous photos, and maybe even be able to form intelligent sentences by then. ta ta!

everything thrifted except the saddle oxfords, which are from payless : )))

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

repeal day!

on december 5, 1933, after 13 years of prohibition, the 18th amendment was repealed! this past sunday the left coast bartender's guild put on the third annual repeal day party at the don vicente to celebrate legal drinkin'. the party is always one of the booziest and swankiest nights of the whole year, and makes for an excellent reason to add a fancy new dress to my collection. this year, thrifted and modern came through for me big, big, big time with this vintage marabou feather dress. it's one of the dreamiest things i've ever worn... all sleek simplicity until you get to the insane bell sleeves covered in silky black feathers. i can't wait to dress up as the most chic witch in the history of witches next halloween and re-wear this thing! happy repeal day, y'all!

vintage marabou dress, thrifted and modern. vintage panamanian wedding chain worn as necklace, estate sale. costume jewels, forever 21.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

vintage in the heights

a couple of weeks ago i did a shoot for pink cheetah vintage at an awesome little shop just down the street from me called seminole heights antiques. i guess "little shop" might be a pretty inaccurate description of the place, actually. large and filled to the brim with beautiful and interesting old things of every sort is more suitable. the store is booth rental, which accounts for the wide variety of stuff it has to offer. there are gobs of furniture, curiosities, clothing, records, musical instruments... you name it. becky, who owns and operates pink cheetah vintage, has her own shop there, and the owners of seminole heights antiques were nice enough to give her the use of the entire building for the shoot! she had a super talented local photographer kimberly yau on board taking photos, and we had a blast shooting and using all the furniture, jewelry and other props that the store had to offer. i also got to meet another super rad tampa lady, jelly, the other model that you see below. she teaches children's music and has the longest, silkiest most exotic looking hair on earth that had me kicking myself all day for ever cutting mine off. here are a few shots from our day at the antique store!

clothing, pink cheetah vintage. accessories,  seminole heights antiques. photographer, kimberly yau.