Thursday, September 27, 2012


all of last weekend was spent wallowing in the righteousness that is autumn. my house is filled with the scent of cinnamon broom, and there are skeletons, black cats, cackling witches and cobwebs galore. not to mention the fact that my fireplace has been turned into the spookiest haunted graveyard! the massively awesome decorations that now fill my home, plus all of the pumpkin beer that i've consumed have made me one happy camper. if you weren't able to tell from my gushing, i like fall... A LOT. once i get into the spirit, i want everything around me to be a part of it. enter this amazing little vintage dress... i was over at pink cheetah vintage the other day when i saw it hanging on the wall, and it was love at first sight. everything about it is perfect for right this moment. the cut reminds me of a vintage cheerleading dress, and that alone was enough to charm my pants off, but on top of it, the fabric is so spot on and adorable as hell. wearing it makes me feel like a candy corn.. no, a super hip witch from 1977.. no, a stylish scarecrow.....? no, all three at once! CAUSE IT'S HALLOWEEN TIME, Y'ALL, and that means the whole world is covered in gobs of magic, anything is possible, and everything tastes like pumpkin spice. the end.

dress, pink cheetah vintage. boots, thrifted. gold cuff necklace, thrifted.

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