Monday, September 24, 2012

the aquarium

i got really excited when i saw this shirt on the rack, and i think it's because i might have had almost the exact same one in 7th grade. ahhh, nostalgia. also, my obsession with clear shoes continues on with this little pair. found them at a thrift store and almost had a happiness heart attack. these days it's extraordinarily hard to find a clear heel that isn't 7 inches tall with a goldfish or dollar bills hangin out inside the platform. i lucked out with my discovery, as these are very cinderella, and slightly reminiscent of the  d'orsay, even, which i've spent many a day pining over.

thrifted EVERYTHING! except the sunglasses, which are from urban outfitters.

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  1. I absolutely love your style! Just checked out a bunch of your posts and it's perfection. Now following you :)
    - Gaby
    From Rags to Glam