Saturday, January 14, 2012

warm things

in my last post i was wandering around in a crop top, and next thing you know i'm in wool pants and fur. i swear that mother nature is the crazy one, and not me. josh and i stopped in ybor tonight after work for a big cuban feast. i'm all tuckered out from a busy week, but there'll be no rest for the weary. tomorrow is going to be a fun but looong day, and a warm, comforting supper was just what i needed to help me wind down and unthaw. this jacket helped to keep things cozy, as well. it's the warmest thing i own! it was a wedding present to my mom from my dad in 1980 when they got married. she gave it to me a few years back, so i'm especially fond of it. the color makes it dreamy all by itself, but the mixture of suede, rabbit fur (eeeek!) and the bomber shape  makes it triply good looking. ps - i don't ever buy fur, but this was a hand me down!!!!! <----- feeling guilty? (blame mom! wait, no, dad.)

wool trousers, thrifted. creme button up, thrifted. jacket, my mama. clutch, thrifted. mary roks wedges, jeffrey campbell. 


  1. the jacket screams 80's, but i love it! the combination between the suede and the fur makes is pretty unique.

  2. That is an beautiful jacket! I love he wine color. I would probably feel a little guilty wearing rabbit too :/ but I'd probably then rationalize it the same least it's vintage, no harm done. Great look! xo

  3. I can't believe its in such great condition since being worn from 1980! The colours are still so vibrant as well. I love it! Funny how some pieces just never date :) x