Sunday, January 1, 2012

the new year

i had a beautiful new year's eve last night, but i'm terribly sore for it today! my brain feels quite sluggish and writing decently is difficult, so i'll get straight to it. my party suit: on friday i found this vintage majorette's dress over at LaFrance, and fell deeply in love. i thought the color was just perfect for a celebration. plus, it ended up clashing rather dreamily with the acacia ponies that have been glued to my feet for the past week. my favorite parts of this outfit, though, are the rings that i'm wearing. one was my grandma's and the other was my great grandma's. the very best vintage is the kind that gets passed down to you! happy new year, darlings!!!

dress, lafrance. shoes, senso.  birthstones ring, passed down to me by my granny. opal flower ring, passed down from my great-granny.


  1. the vintage rings are really beautiful and having family heirlooms like that is so special.

    warm wishes for the new year!