Friday, June 7, 2013

sunset tiki

last sunday i got all dolled up in my jungle woman finery to attend the 3rd annual sunset tiki party! this year's party, like each one before it, was an absolute ball.. we drank all the rum we could stand and boogied into the night. i have way too much fun dressing up for events like this, and i have to say that the tiger print vamp suit made this year's outfit my best yet. not sure how i'll ever top this look for the next tiki party.. luckily i have a whole year to plan!

tiger print vamp suit, pin up girl clothing. fern anklet, myriah's polynesian bazaar. gold cuff necklace, thrifted.


  1. whoa, you look amazing! like from a vintage amagazine~

  2. Love the suit!! I used to work at a shop that carried the Pin Up Girl Clothing line, really awesome stuff and great quality!


    is this seriously YOU!?!

    I thought that first photo was out of an editorial in Vogue. Who takes these? And more importantly, how do you look so fricken perfect?

    I am so excited to have found your blog. you have such a great mix of vintage, modern and grunge and You're absolutely elegantly beautiful!!


  4. Very good, you are great. I have gotten a new sheepskin jacket from several day ago. It is very beautiful and the cut is very flattering.The length was perfect even the arms were long enough.

  5. You look soo groovy, this reminds me of the flintstones xx