Friday, May 31, 2013

the poodle

did a rough draft of "the poodle", which i'll be executing in its full, more polished form for a tiki party this sunday! this might be one of my favorite pin up do's ever.

harley davidson sweatshirt t, thrifted. jeans, thrifted. white leather court shoes, zara. belt, thrifted. red nylon scarf, thrifted.


  1. Hello Jamie,

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  2. nice style!love your red scarf and pumps!
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  3. Oh look darling! I LOVE your hair...perfect pin up!! Your outfit is perfectly retro, rocking and chic. LOVE those white pumps! XO!


  4. You effortlessly pull off this look! I absolutely love it with the heels. I'm really wanting a pair of white heels these days.