Saturday, December 8, 2012

leavin on a jet plane

i'm slightly delirious from a mixture of exhaustion and the remnants of a bad cold, but nevertheless i'm headed to the mountains to see my grandparents at the crack of dawn! i'm afraid my lack of brain function combined with my eagerness to get a bit of sleep will make it impossible for me to say anything of any importance, so i'll just say this instead: here's me in front of this cool red church door wearing some some clothes and a leather fanny pack that i meant to cover entirely in red studs, but only ever managed to put one....single....little....stud on. i kind of like it. it's dramatic. you know, less is more. that one red stud seems really important since it's all alone. anyway, i'll be without the internet while i'm at my grandparent's for the next 4 days, but i'll return with gobs of gorgeous photos, and maybe even be able to form intelligent sentences by then. ta ta!

everything thrifted except the saddle oxfords, which are from payless : )))

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