Saturday, December 29, 2012


for christmas i got the petite harness from zana bayne leather, and i've worn it every day since. my new dressing ritual goes something like this: choose slouchy outfit, throw it on, pick a pair of shoes, put em on, look in the mirror and feel pretty satisfied with my slouchy look, put on harness and become giddy over the level of refinement now present within all the slouch. i'm really not quite sure how i found any outfit satisfying without my harness... it just makes everything i wear look 72 times better, and i'm wearing it backward here! versatile as shit. on a side note, my natural nails have grown into perfect pointy talons, as a result i have developed a manicure obsession. stay tuned.

big saggy striped top, thrifted. corduroy trousers, zara. safari jacket, thrifted. petite harness, zana bayne. tennis shoes, new balance. studded box clutch, forever 21. poison ring, etsy.


  1. ok, now I wish I'd never seen this harness... it is so cute! want! that and your green velvet litas! wish I'd never seen those in person! lolzzz

  2. Loving your nails, ring, and clutch!