Saturday, August 18, 2012

puss in boots

a funny thing happened the other night as i was drifting off to sleep. i'd just finished the september issue of harper's bazaar, and was slowly making my way toward dreamland. visions of ox blood coats and book clutches were dancing in my head when, suddenly, i pictured a pair of thigh high leather boots that laced up the back in the most glorious midieval warrior meets indian princess meets biker mama way possible. i sat up with a jolt as i realized that the pair of shoes i was fantasizing about were no fantasy, but a real life possesion that lie in hiding somewhere within my apartment. the next 20 minutes were spent searching under the bed, through the depths of the linen closet, in the bottom of suitcases... and finally i found them, my long forgotten treasure at the very bottom of (who would have thought) the shoe trunk. how i managed to put these babies away one day and then forget about them for a couple of years is kind of a mystery to me. i have an inkling that it had something to do with me coming out of a super hippie phase and rejecting all things even remotely native american inspired for a short while. whatever the case, i'm just glad we're back together in time for autumn!

vintage color block dress, thrifted. vintage leather lace up boots, thrifted. bangles, thrifted. daisy choker, diy-ed.

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