Tuesday, August 28, 2012

hurricane season

a few weeks ago i stumbled across this thing, the most bizarre and splendid thrift find of my entire thrifting career. when i saw it hanging there on the rack in all it's multi colored, giant bat winged splendor, i experienced almost every emotion humanly possible in the span of 60 seconds. first, a sense of urgency rose up from within me, i could tell that this was something special and super weird, and that i needed it desperately, so i yanked it down to claim it as mine and explore the mounds of seemingly unnecessary fabric. next, confusion... what the hell was this thing? when it's on a hanger instead of a body, and the wing portion is slack, it appears as if it's been made for someone who's a size 4, but with the hips of a 500 pound person. shortly after finding a tag that said "made in nigeria for kokomama", i finally got my treasure arranged in a way that allowed me to appreciate it for what it actually is: a hand made tie dyed nigerian princess bat suit. that leads us to my next emotion, JOY. just massive amounts of joy at having had the luck to find something so completely radical. after reading all this, you're probably saying, "great! but for what occasion is a hand made tie dyed nigerian princess bat suit appropriate"? the answer is, to a hurricane. hurricane isaac, to be precise. this baby just happens to look great against black clouds, and gusts of wind really maximize the size of it's wingspan. it was worth the danger of getting struck by lightning and stuff to venture out and see it whipping around in all it's glory. i quite enjoyed the amazed and appalled stares it attracted at dinner, too. 

hand made nigerian bat suit, thrifted. wedges, missed outfitters. rings, thrifted. crescent moon necklace, thrifted.  stone bracelet, gift. silver rope bracelet, forever 21. 


  1. Now that is a unique statement piece of clothing! Lucky lady. You wear it beautifully!

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! I want to meet Kokomama.

    Miss M

  3. This is so unique yet so amazing at the same time. Great find!



    Southern (California) Belle

  4. Amazing find!This suit is breathtaking!