Monday, July 23, 2012

i scream

i got this shirt at one of the best little ice cream shops this side of the mason dixon: fantasy isle ice cream and putt putt in holden beach. the place is what dreams (mine, at least) are made of. it's an adorable little white cottage that's covered in white christmas light, with white wrought iron patio sets. they make out of this world pistachio milkshakes, and there's a putt putt course around back that's full of weird and wonderful little statues. when i walked in and saw this t-shirt hangin on the wall, i haaaaaad to have one. the only sizes they had left, though, were really large. that was fine with me, since pretty much all of my thrift t-shirts start out huge, and then get cut into all sorts of tanks, fishtails, or crop tops. the lady who was in charge of the shirt area, however, was NOT having it. she tried about 22 times to steer me toward a smaller shirt with a different logo, or a hat, or a keychain. she was completely aghast that a little thing like me would want to buy such a huge top. she finally stated that the ONLY way the shirt could possibly work for me, was if i planned to use it as a night gown. that, i agreed, was actually what i planned to do, and finally she allowed me to pay her my $15 and get my damn "messy but worth it" shirt. hey t-shirt lady, look at me now! not slumbering! ; )

tshirt, fantasy isle. shorts, american apparel. jacket, forever 21. shoes, vans. necklace, urban outfitters. bracelets, thrifted/my grandma's vintage watch. rings, thrifted. 

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