Tuesday, July 10, 2012


ahhh summertime in florida. since i got back from the carolinas i've been using most of my spare time to cut every normal t-shirt i own into a crop top, and eat strawberry popsicles. as i mentioned a couple of posts back, my return from vacation land was made a little less painful last week by the arrival of a certain pair of shoes.. basically, will and i have been inseparable ever since i opened his package. i waited a long time for this shoe to be on my foot, and it was beyonnnnd worth it. see, i spotted will a few months back on solestruck, and was super enamored of the green pair immediately. this shoe manages to combine drill sergeant, dominatrix, and summertime sweetheart, which turned out to be a combination that made me completely wild with desire. i drooled over these things forever, until the day i saw them on sale for $49.95 during solestruck's 8th anniversary sale. after i managed to scare the shit out of my dog with the animalistic sound that came out of my mouth upon this discovery, i threw them into my cart lightning fast, and the rest is history. I LOVE YOU, SOLESTUCK! I LOVE YOU, WILL!

brightest safari skirt, thrifted, crop top, bought as a tshirt from sara & cut into a crop top. to be announced will wedges, solestruck. bracelets, gifts. necklace, urban outfitters. 


  1. those shoes are SO good. love this look

  2. Um LOVE your new shoes!!!! Ahhh man they're rad!

  3. Hahahaha I know that feeling!! When you see something and you want it so bad but can't justify buying it with just "they're pretty and I want them", then you find them on sale another time and it's literally makes your day and you are glowing with happiness for the rest of the day :) They're such cool shoes too, I've never seen anything like them, and they totally suit your cool style! :)

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