Sunday, March 25, 2012

shut eye

if you read my blog, you probably know about my penchant for wearing old nightgowns as evening gowns. well, i also have a massive collection of vintage nighties that i've deemed appropriate for slumbering and lounging around the house in. sleep is much more dreamy when you're wearing something beautiful and billowy to make a nice little cocoon around you. this nightie is a little more special than most of my others, since it was a hand me down from my granny. makes for sweet dreams.

vintage nightie, from granny, shut eye mask, thrifted.


  1. beautiful nightgown! i love the super long length and the color. sweet dreams!

  2. Oh that's so sweet!


  3. Sweet! I may have something for you to add to your nightie collection ;)I usually lounge in my kimonos.

    †Miss M†