Tuesday, March 27, 2012

count your blessings

one of the weirdest/sassiest thrift store shirts ever. i love everything about it: the gleaming golden cross, the doves fluttering, the slightly faded color. purrfect. also, sometimes taco bus has bitchin' accessories, like these glasses, mixed into those dollar goody bags filled with plastic cars and candy necklaces that they sell in the back. they were definitely made to fit a small child's head, but i strectched them to small adult head size.

tshirt, thrifted. trousers, thrifted. shoes, senso. glasses, taco bus goody bag. silver cuff. h&m. leather spike bracelet, gift from a sweetie petitie.


  1. Great style. So sweet!!!

  2. hahaha I cant believe you got those at taco bus! And that shirt is just great, I love it.

    †Miss M†