Monday, February 20, 2012


i found this shirt in the bottom of a suitcase that i thought was empty, and have been wearing it for like 4 days straight now. i think i stole it from my brother's closet in 10th or 11th grade, then proceeded to cut and pin it so it would fit me perfectly (and fit him nevermore) . besides having reunions with long lost shirts, i've been applying spikes to things randomly. i have a plethora of them that have been lying around in my toolbox, and i figured it's time to put some of them to good use. whenever i spy something old that i've been bored with lately, i spike-ify it, and it's like new again. what fun. before i sign off to go on a thrift-a-thon of epic proportions, allow me to direct your attention to the right hand side of this here blog. you may or may not have noticed the flashy new advertisements for my pals UNESTABLISH and VESTIGE BY MISS M over there. if you have not, give them a little clickity and check them out? i wouldn't steer you wrong, dudes.

shirt, my brother's closet. skirt, thrift gift from myla. shoes, f21/diy spike by me. silver cuff bracelets, h&m. necklaces, thrifted. 


  1. i love what you did with the heels! it certainly gives them a whole new character.

  2. you are babetastic! glad the skirt fits!

    †Miss M†