Monday, July 15, 2013

burnout summer

hi there, it's been a while! time escaped me somehow... i got busy sewing and cooking and thrifting and daydreaming and... there are going to be some little changes coming to my little blog in the near future! more on that in my next post. for now, here are some photographs of me schlumping around in this wet, hot climate that i live in. as casual as this outfit is, it does contain something very special - the holden beach tshirt. every summer since i was born i've gone to holden beach with my family for a week. actually, my dad's family started going there each summer when he was a young boy, and my dad bought this shirt there in the early 70's. a few years ago he passed it on to me, and it's one of my most treasured articles of clothing. we leave this saturday for our week at holden and i can't wait!

vintage tshirt, my dad. denim shorts, thrifted. glitter sunnies, miu miu. shoes, chuck taylor.


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  2. I can relate to how time has recently just been slipping away...I am guilty of that too! How special that tee! So cool! Have a blast! Looking forward to some of the changes on your blog! XO!


  3. LOVE these shorts! The sunglasses too. Never been to Holden, but so glad you're considering a trip to St. Augustine!!!
    I'm a sucker for a good hand-me-down. Most all of my favorite pieces are hand-me-downs. You just feeeeeel the love when you put them on!