Thursday, January 17, 2013

buffet style

i have the most marvelous new (to me) piece of furniture to perch on! our sweet friend, ann, decided that josh and i were deserving of this dreamy vintage buffet that she'd acquired, and naturally we were excited as hell to add it to our kitchen. since she has excellent taste, and a crazy sharp eye for design, it makes all the sense in the world that ann is an interior designer. go have a look at some of her work here! if your space needs spiffying, she's the right gal for the job. thanks for the gorgeous buffet, ann! you tha best.

dress, thrifted. hat, thrifted. vintage cowgirl boots, some vintage boutique that used to exist but doesn't anymore. daisy choker, diy.


  1. Super sweet buffet-- I'll have to check this Ann out! Is that your man's new photography website???? Amazing!!

    1. yea! he loves to shoot film, so he's been posting a lot of that! def check out ann : )))