Wednesday, June 20, 2012


how'd you end up down in tampa, old harley shirt? who brought you on a 1400 mile journey south and then gave you away? an old biker lady who found jesus and gave up her wild, harley'in ways? maybe someone brought you to their aunt cheryl as a souvenir from wichita when they came to visit her in florida. only she found the purple lightning bolts tacky and got rid of it as soon as her tasteless nephew went back home. i think you're perfect, old shirt, and whoever gave you up was a fool.

harley tank, thrifted. shorts, vintage levi's, thrifted. "coonskin" hat, features costume. necklaces, thrifted. red stretchy belt, thrifted. lace up ankle boots, thrifted.

1 comment:

  1. loving this look and i couldn't agree, who the hell would give up a shirt as amazing as that? idiots ;p love your style!

    crystal hearts vintage