Wednesday, May 9, 2012

back in blonde

in case you were wondering, and because the recent purchase of this dress has given me reason to broach the subject: yes, my love of peplum is very far reaching and it does include those of the dropped variety. now that we're all clear there, i should tell you that i decided to return to the light, and back to my blonde roots. beach season is in full swing for me, and as my skin got more tan, it started to resemble my hair color. that turned out to be a bad thing, so i went back to where i always feel the most at home.. blonde city, usa. never leaving again.

dress, thrifted. little witch shoes, thrifted. glasses, thrifted and painted. 


  1. beautiful outfit !!
    something like lady gaga ;)

  2. Love the glasses and yes blonde is definitely the way to go!!

  3. This dress is so fun! Reminds me of a favorite dress I used to have as a little girl! LOVE the drop waist and the bold checkered pattern! Great hair and sunspecs too!

  4. this look is gorgeous!

    // take a look: *MICROPHONEHEART.