Wednesday, April 25, 2012


4/20: a day for consuming excessive amounts of the devil's lettuce. picking out a holiday get-up can be a little tricky in the midst of it all. luckily i picked up this vintage grateful dead t on my recent trip to austin, so it was a no brainer. obligatory stoner t-shirt, check! i never realized how much i wanted to wear honeycomb print until i met up with this thing. now i feel complete and all that jazz. moving on to the bottom portion of this outfit.. thrift find of the CENTURY. this past fall i spent an unhealthy amount of time perusing the internet in search of a pair of semi affordable leather pants. my search proved to be fruitless, and my aversion to pleather kept me from going the cheaper faux route. one happy day, i stumbled across these babies. the fit was not what i initially had in mind, (i was thinking more skinny leather pant) but after trying them on i realized that they are the stuff that dreams are made of, and that the saggy, drop crotchy fit makes them more interesting and wonderful than a tight pair. $6.00 later, my leather pants and i sailed off into the sunset (and we lived happily ever after). the end.

vintage grateful tshirt, thrifted. leather pants, thrifted. belt, target. acacia pony wedges, senso. silver cuffs, h&m. rings, thrifted.


  1. Your look so fabulous girl :)
    Seriously in love with those trousers!

  2. Seriously Jamie...the pants,the cuffs,the shirt, your HAIR, I love it! SO pretty. You did right by 4:20.

  3. I'm speachless!
    I really love all your finds!
    The pants look stunning on you, I like how they fit!