Thursday, March 1, 2012

sailing through time

if there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that i love a good peplum. actually, i realized immediately after typing that sentence that the fact that i love a good peplum is a pretty inconsequential fact regarding my taste in dress shapes. same difference. anyway, peplum: in my opinion, there a few things more flattering and feminine. i got pretty excited when i saw this dress at the thrift store. it's silk, it's vintage and it's nearly flawless. i had all 10 fingers and toes crossed that it would fit me as i was heading to the dressing room and, whaddaya know, like a glove!

dress, thrifted. hat, thrifted. shoes, aldo. glasses, thrifted. silver cuffs, h&m.


  1. Just fabulous! LOVE the peplum style, that it's heavily striped and those sunspecs are just way too cool! Great vintage/futureistic look!

  2. i love your dress! and the shoes are great too! (my etsy shop :)

  3. Very Parisienne! I love it!


  4. love love love it!

    †Miss M†

  5. Your style is amazing ! I really love your outfit, it's source of inspiration ;)
    I follow you now !

  6. That's the most perfect striped dress I've laid eyes upon, in a while! And those shades are super-cool!