Friday, March 16, 2012


sometimes you just need a pair of goth boots to celebrate the start of spring. i decided to break mine in last night with a little romp about town, starting with a trip to 3 coins diner for breakfastdinner. there must have been some sort of major bingo tournament on nebraska ave earlier in the evening, cause it was packed to the BRIM with senior citizens. i found myself the focus of about 50 sets of elderly eyeballs during my exit from the diner, and you should have seen the looks on their faces.... some confused, some disapproving, some smiling and whispering amongst themselves like they thought the shoes were bizarre but liked them. made me kind of happy and super giggly/weird to be able to entertain everyone with my crazy, new fangled devil boots.

substitute queen II boots, solestruck. every single thing else, thrifted.


  1. Those boots are the sex! Love how you've teamed them with the hat.


  2. Like it ! you rock girl :X

  3. Those are some pretty bad butt boots!! Wow that wedge! How tall are they?? Of course they're awesome with the denim shorts!
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