Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the chains of love

after months of internet window drooling, the very fancy leg chain from the chains of love is mine to hang upon my limbs! i have a loose plan to wear this thing underneath/on top of every article of clothing in the world. i'm even more enamored of it than i thought possible, because it goes perfectly with everything, i mean evvverything i've attempted to combine it with.. ratty daisy dukes and tennis shoes, sweet little hi-lo dresses, a leather miniskirt. i'm telling you, this leg chains is the most versatile accessory in the world, maybe the universe. now all i need is the rib cage ring

very fancy leg chain, the chains of love. vintage levi's cutoffs, thrifted. striped blouse, thrifted. red leather belt, thrifted. choker, thrifted. shoes, vans ski hi's. 


  1. That's actually really cool. Love the way you've styled it.


  2. I've had my eye on a couple of leg chains on Etsy. They do seem like they'd go with anything! And this is the perfect example! Super cool!