Saturday, November 26, 2011


most thanksgivings i'm left comatose, with all the food i consumed holding me down like an anchor for the rest of the evening. i guess my metabolism shifted into super high gear this year, cause i managed to pull myself from the depths of my turkey induced haze and go out for a little thanksgiving night celebration. as for my celebratory outfit choice, i love toughening up sweet little vintage dresses with lots of leather, as demonstrated below. and the shoes, ohhhh the shoes. i knew you'd ask. i usually don't do blatant knockoffs, but just this ONCE i couldn't resist. these are from charlotte russe, can you believe that shit?!?! in my opinion, their version of the miu miu glitter bootie rip-off is way more aesthetically pleasing than the topshop and steve madden versions! i'll make it up to you someday, miuccia!

dress, thrifted. jacket, f21. belt, target. mega knockoffs, charlotte russe. clutch, thrifted.


  1. gorgeous! those shoes are pretty great.

    †Miss M†

    p.s. the graffiti behind you in the third pic, lol!

  2. hahahahahhhh oh my god, i can't believe neither josh or i noticed that!!! woww. well..... poop.

  3. thanks for sharing the story about your brother. i probably would've reacted the same way if i was the older sibling. maybe not as drastic as my sis, but jealous nonetheless :)

    love the color and print of the dress!