Tuesday, November 22, 2011

hot and cold

mother nature is being indecisive as hell when it comes to florida, per the usual. one day it's hot, the next it's cold, (and now i'm going to have that god forsaken katy perry song stuck in my head). anyway, i think homegirl's fickle attitude regarding the weather is beginning to translate into my choices of outfit. wool skirt with a crop top? yes, yes i think so.

vintage evan-picone wool skirt, thrifted. crop top, american apparel. rasberry suspenders, thrifted. coon skin hat, features costume. sunnies, urban outfitters, watch, thrifted. shoes, chuck taylor.


  1. i concur! no idea what to wear any more, since in my mind i'm already set for winter. love the last pic and your skin looks amazing!

  2. Sooo down with this outfit. <3 Wish it were warm enough for me to wear that, here.

  3. I think It was a wise choice, cause u look great! love it!
    and these shades are so beautiful! <33
    Love ur style!