Tuesday, July 31, 2012

clear as day

i made my first attempt at dip dyeing with this top, and it turned out super dreamy! the dye that i used was actually black, but the knit fabric decided it would rather be purple, i guess? i'm glad it had a mind of it's own, cause i love it just the way it turned out. in other news, i'm super obsessed with clear things as of late. it started with a fixation on these magnificent babies.... which, clearly, (har har har) i can't afford; and then veered off into a less specific need to own all things see through. 

top, thrifted then dyed, denim levi's cut offs, thrifted. sandals, h&m. belt, thrifted. leather back pack, thrifted. clear glasses, thrifted. silver cuff necklace, urban outfitters. half moon necklace, thrifted. knuckle rings, h&m. silver band, thrifted. silver and onyx cuff bracelet, f21. vintage watch, a sweet gift from my tia.


  1. The dip dying turned out so well! Your style is spot on, I'm now following :)

  2. The short is so cool and pretty. The tops and the shoes are so stunning. I am loving the ring necklace. It is superb. Looking so fashionable and trendy in this outfit. I will also prefer non iron dress shirts with this shorts.