Tuesday, June 5, 2012


hello, long lost friends. i've missed you! my poor, sweet boyfriend, who is the official photographer of all of my style endeavors, has been suffering from a bad case of vertigo. needless to say, he's been in no shape to operate a camera, or even walk straight, for that matter. i've been playing nurse, so i haven't had much of an occasion to dress up, anyway. i did do a bit of thrifting while josh was laying around recovering, though, and i have lots of new treasures to show you in the near future. below are a couple of my aforementioned finds...

pink striped blouse, thrifted. bright pink tennis skirt, thrifted. shoes, sense. clutch, thrifted. sunglasses, thrifted. jewelry, thrifted/gifted.


  1. Pink has been my color of late so I'm LOVING that skirt! Super cool sunspecs as well!