Friday, October 21, 2011


thrifting: i'm serious about it. ask anyone. my preoccupation with american history and old shit alone makes for a serious enough obsession. add that to my love of garments ('specially odd ones). multiply the total by the thrill of the thrift hunt, and you've got a word problem for how much i like to thrift (a whole lot). really hate math, though. along with a good eye, there's one more thing you need in order to be a thrifting success and make out like a bandit all day... both hands. thrift stores are, for the large part, chock full of junk, with a few gems sprinkled in here and there. that's why you need both hands to sort through those racks efficiently. no time for holding purses or getting shoulder cramps from your heavy bag. the point is, every good thrifter needs a thrifting backpack. mine is leather! on this particular day my finds included a vintage chloe blouse, a leather pencil skirt and a crazy, red ringmaster-y type of jacket. not too shabby.

leather backpack, thrifted. blouse, thrifted. shorts, thrifted. bobo docs. sunglasses, urban outfitters.


  1. the thrill of the thrift is glorious. I have a lot to learn, though... You take more risks than me! Like that blouse, crazy, but awesome. I would be too afraid to even touch it.

  2. Chloe! whaa?! sweet find.

    †Miss M†

  3. what a blouseeeeee <3 love a lot the print