Tuesday, September 13, 2011

bang bang

after 3 years of tedious hair growing, i started to feel a little restlessness set in a few months ago. ever since, it's been a wrestling match between my desire for change and my apprehension (i know how long it takes to grow these things back out!). working in a hair salon doesn't make it any easier, since there's alway someone with scissors in their hand willing to cut something. finally, on saturday, in a moment of hair shoot now ask questions later, i decided to go full on blunt, heavy fringe. i like them, but my forehead is still adjusting to the temperature change... a few backporch/bedroom photos after a monday night dinner date with darling!

audrey dress, nastygal. el carrmen shoes, jeffrey campbell. ring, my great grandmother's.  bracelet, forever 21.


  1. yep! always a fan of a blunt fringe. got mine done two weeks ago. it looks lovely as does your hair color!

  2. Hi honey, love the blog.
    great photos.
    What do you think of following one another?

  3. your fringe looks amazing!x and I was just scrolling through your blog, and its very lovely, you have an amazing style. followed. <3


  4. Ur hair looks amazing, the cut and the color are perfect!!!
    Im also trying to grow mine for years...But i always cut it... next time ill try to resist more!

    love ur dress also! and following u!


  5. oh, your hair looks insanely rad! you really rock these bangs.
    and your dress is truly too brilliant to be true!

    xx // themerrimari.blogspot.com