Thursday, September 5, 2013

laced with romance

i got this gorgeous little dress at laced with romance vintage while visiting a friend in austin a couple of years ago. i was so excited to wear it when i got back to florida... i grabbed it from my suitcase, pulled it on and promptly ripped a panel of lace from it! consequently (and rather shamefully), it's been hanging in my closet in all it loveliness for a very long time, never having been worn, and just waiting for me to take it to a seamstress for a little repair. cut to a couple of months ago - i got a brand new singer and took up sewing! after learning all of the basics and sewing a couple of little blouses and things, i realized, after stumbling over this baby while in search of another dress, that i could fix its little tear in a matter of minutes all by myself! a few peachy little stitches later i was able to finally take this sweet thing out for a long deserved spin.

amazing vintage gown, laced with romance vintage


  1. DUDE! Laced With Romance is one of my favorite stores of all time. I used to go there every time I visited Austin. So bummed their location closed down. Thank GOODNESS they're still online!

    You look like a goddess, btw.

  2. Beautiful dress, so romantic. It suits you perfectly!