Tuesday, September 4, 2012

dot dot dot

i decided to break out my vintage chloé for a little house party action this past weekend. i never wear this blouse, because it's very white and i'm very clumsy, and the thought of soiling it terrifies me. oddly enough, on the two occasions that i've worked up the courage to take it out on the town, i've been going somewhere that involves a high probability of soilage..  the first time was on a lunch date to the laughing cat buffet, which involves gobs and gobs of meatballs and marinara and all things stain-y. this weekend was just as questionable of a choice on when to wear my beloved shirt, since house parties always entail throngs of people bumping into each other and spilling drinks, as well as shots, kegs and other big, messy risks. miraculously, chloé survived without so much as a drop of whiskey or a smear of cigarette ash soiling her perfect, ivory exterior. hoorah!

vintage chloé blouse, thrifted. polka dot shorts, target. boots, thrifted. rings and watch, thrifted. silver cuff necklace, urban outfitters. ponytail cuff, actually a bracelet : )))


  1. Love this look and these photos, stunning!

    Miss M

  2. Such a pretty top, I can see why you'd be very particular about it! I love what you've used to tie your hair, to use a bracelet is such a creative idea!! :D

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