Thursday, February 16, 2012


this past tuesday i had the pleasure of doing a shoot with the huntress. we went to a really cool back yard space here in seminole heights, and she shot me in some of the pieces from her jewelery line, vestige by miss m. she's been churning out all sorts of gorgeous new stuff lately, and i highly suggest you take a gander into her etsy shop! here's a little piece of tuesday's action:

sheer blouse, thrifted. sheer robe, thrifted. hat, thrifted. all jewelery, vestige by miss m.


  1. Ooooo!! I've had those smoky quartz dangle earrings in my favorites for a while! The photos came out GREAT! You look amazing :)

  2. So much gorgeousness going on here! Love that long strand necklace-- I also love all the thrifting! Such a beautiful top. Love the pix, definitely following! I'd love if you'd take a peek at mine, drop a comment, follow if the spirit moves you!


  3. Gorgeous jewelry! There's just something so natural about the sets!

  4. you look great! i have to agree with remy, the long strand necklace in the photo before last is amazing, but then again all the pieces have something special going on.

    enjoy your weekend!