Wednesday, January 4, 2012

cold front

it seems that florida finally (and probably temporarily) got the winter memo. the downside of this is that the super sudden temperature change has given me a terrible cold. the upside? before the sore throat set in i got the chance to prance around town in my winter clothes for a day! i haven't been able to wear this coat since last winter, and it'd been bumming me out every time i opened my closet and got a glimpse of the fabric. it's one of the most precious pieces of clothing i'll ever own. my great grandma matherly bought it in the early 60's. she died when i was 4, and it was passed down to my grandma, who gave it to me as a christmas gift 2 years ago. besides the fact that it's just plain beautiful and in nearly perfect shape after more than 50 years, this thing has incredible sentimental value to me. i love picturing my great grandma wearing it back in the 60's, with some funky glasses and her hair all done up. hopefully someday i'll have someone who loves vintage as much as i do to pass it down to!

coat, passed down from my great grandma. t-shirt, zara. jeans, h&m. mary roks wedges, jeffrey campbell. sunglasses, thrifted skeleton key ring, gift from my brother.


  1. That is a BEAUTIFUL coat!! Even more beautiful because of the sentimental value it holds. Glad you finally got to wear it, great look! xo

  2. love ur blog!
    I follow you!
    hug from Barcelona

    follow each other??

  3. love your style!:)