Wednesday, December 28, 2011

spaced out

cat eyes are starting to feel a little passé, aren't they? i thought so. on that note, i give you the alien eye. i think they scream "pretty weird, but in the know". at least that's what i heard when i found this pair in the bottom of the sunglass basket at the thrift store the other day. one of my other new favorites: the senso acacia pony that i got during the great solestruck crisis of '11. perhaps you recall. back sometime around cyber monday, there was a 50% off sale, and the gigantic flock of people trying to purchase shoes for the bargain price of a lifetime caused the entire site to crash. luckily, my old fashioned sensibilities kicked in immediately and i remembered the telephone. apparently hundreds, or maybe thousands of other shoe enthusiasts were also able to recall a time when one placed orders over the telly, and the phone lines were going crazy as well. i was, however, able to get ahold of a guy named ty, who despite the chaos managed to make all of my shoe dreams come true. last but not least, there's an oldie but goodie involved in this here outfit. i'm talkin about the red and white stripe-y, crop top-y little number up top. every time i wear it, i realize all over again that it's one of my favorite vintage pieces, and that it's versatile as shit. i picked it up from myla over at the huntress a couple of years ago at a neighborhood vintage market type thing. i highly recommend you check out her blog and vintage shop. she's knows how to pick em.

wool evan piconé midi skirt, thrifted. shirt, the huntress. shoes, senso. sunglasses, thrifted. vintage perry ellis cross body bag, thrifted. 

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  1. Those glasses are amazing!