Tuesday, December 20, 2011

pieces of pleather

while digging through my coat closet, i discovered this gem of a sweater, whose existence i had somehow forgotten. once i found it, though, i remembered that's it's one of the best things in the history of sweaters. happy happy happy reunion! this baby is super saggy, but the bottom is nice and fitted, (super rare in the world of thrifted sweaters) with a little bit of an asymmetry. i can't decide if the best part is the sweet little pleather triangles, or the giant, disproportionately long sleeves. oh yea and i almost forgot... snakeskin nails. dig it.


skirt, thrifted. pleather panel mini skirt, zara. tights, (pink tights over purple ones) target. shoes, f21. clutch, thrifted. rings, thrifted. nails, sally hansen


  1. I was about to comment on the beautiful color of those tights until I scrolled down and read that it's two different colors! genius, I wouldn't have thought to do that! cool look.

  2. those nails! i need this.

    †Miss M†

  3. That is a cool sweater!! Congrats on finding it again :)