Sunday, August 14, 2011

sick style

i've spent the past few days being ravaged by an aching, feverish, mucous-y flu that's been going around in these parts. being super sick in the middle of summertime in florida is enough to make any sound minded person go mad, but i've managed to stay barely afloat thanks to generic nyquil, tons of hot tea and the company of my boyfriend, josh, who's also sick. i realized while slumming it at home that i have amassed  quite the collection of vintage night gowns and lounging clothes in general, and i've decided that lying around in cute things is sure to speed the healing process. laugh if you want. here are a couple of the gems i've been sickin' it up in, shot while quite bored, on the old macbook with photo booth. ignore my deathly pallor! 

everything thrifted. err well, except the medicine and tea!